178881286.jpg - largeRed meat


- Corned silverside

- Beef Outside

- Beef Bolar Blade

- Beef Topside

- Beef Brisket

- Beef Topside (Cap Off)

- Beef Short Ribs

- Beef Mince

- Beef Rump

- Beef Rib Fillet

- Beef Eye Fillet

- Beef Diced

- Beef Strips

- Veal Blade

- Lamb Leg Boneless MSA

- Lamb Leg Butterflied

- Lamb Shanks french trimmed

- Lamb Shoulders

- Lamb Rack french trimmed

- Lamb Mince

- Diced Lamb

- Sliced 100g Rib Fillet


All our meat is sold by the piece or one of our qualified butchers can slice a whole product for you just how you like it. Contact us today for all your fresh meat requirements.

Prices will vary depending on availabilty - call us on 07 3245 1254 to obtain individual prices.